After raising three little ones as a stay-at-home mom, then working 6 years in an elementary school, I decided it was time to turn my love of photography into the business I've always dreamed of.  I tell my children to find something that they wake up every day excited about doing. Mom took her own advice, and now I am blessed to do another one of my passions. 

In times of a natural disaster the one thing most of us would grab if forced to leave our homes are our photos.  I have countless pictures of childhood memories, loved ones who are gone, memorable moments and celebrations that I would for sure reach for.  My heart is to serve my clients by capturing and creating, in a relaxed and fun environment, those very photos that they would treasure and cling to for a lifetime.  I want to do so authentically....without feeling like every smile and movement is forced and robotic. Newborns have become my passion as I have grown to love creating sweet images of new little ones that will last forever.   

When I am not behind the camera or editing pictures, I am hunting for props and unique items for newborn photography. My must-haves: creamer and sugar with a little bit of coffee in it, anything coconut or spicy and working out.  I crave sunshine and warm weather. Raising three teenagers makes me crazy at times but also fills my heart. Playing the piano is my sweet escape if the option of a warm and sunny beach is not available at the moment.